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Washing Machine LG 11 Kg - Washing Towels - FULL CYCLE 2h

All information in the video. unbalanced Sudslock anti Foam drying.

What part of the washing machine motor spins the drum?

semperfidelis_98 says:

Every part of the washing machine cycle works except when it involves the spinning of the drum to take water out of the cloths. Then I have to hand-pump the drum to get it going. Is this the actual motor going out? Thanks for your help!

wwwstat says: the pump is bad since it will not spin the water out.....first thing it does after the wash or rinse cycle and before it goes into the spin mode it must drain all the water out....since it will not...

How many Kg (or pounds) is a regular Canada washing machine load?

N├ęstor says:

I am new to Canada. Every laundry detergent is measured on "loads". I am used to measure clothes for a washing machine cycle in Kilograms or in pounds. Besides the apartment I am renting has a washing machine. I really don't know if fully loaded...

Judge Julie says: Don't worry about "loads" or the weight of your clothes - its how much WATER you use to clean your clothes. Most detergents want you to use a "scoopful" per load - so that's not very helpful...


Lawsuits: Many front-load washing machines contain hidden mold - WRTV Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS - Mold could be growing inside your washing machine, and you may never even know it, according to attorneys representing consumers. Lawyers accuse some top companies of making defective front-loading washing machines, Call 6 Investigator Kara Kenney reported.


says ah crap...my repairs to the washing machine did something so that the lower gentle agitation cycles won't... http://t.co/4jMmfvtAKp @SexualLeprosy A brief dimming of lights is how I know when the washing machine switches cycles. The launderette Your presence thick suddenly quick moves chained hearts as Your Spirit imparts unseen spinning cycles of the washing machine

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Siri for dogs? UK firm makes bark-activated washing machine

Could this be the canine version of Siri, the iPhone's voice-activated assistant? A United Kingdom laundry company has built what it called the world's first bark-activated washing machine, to help people with disabilities wash their clothes. The machine ...

Woof to Wash, a bark-activated washing machine

The door is outfitted with a pull handle that fits a dog's mouth. The support dog is also trained to unload the machine once it is done. Woof to Wash shows how a simple technical innovation can have a big impact on a person's daily life.

Bark activated washing machine for the disabled

A new washing machine has been invented which is controlled by pet dogs ... a paw print button to turn it on and a voice-activated switch so it starts a cycle when the dog barks.

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Washing machine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A washing machine (laundry machine, clothes washer, ... There are also combo washer dryer machines that combine washing cycles and a full drying cycle in the same ...

Kitchens .com - Washing Machine Cycles

Washing machine cycles and options for washing your clothes.

How to Choose the Cycles of a Washing Machine | eHow

Choosing a wash cycle can be confusing if you are uncertain of the qualities each cycle offers. Many people continuously do all laundry in a regular wash cycle and ...

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Lawsuits: Many front-load washing machines contain hidden mold "The new washing machines have put an actual cycle in, rather than a regular cycle, have put in a basket clean or washer clean cycle physically into your options," said Roma Mount, sales director of appliance retailer Recker and Boerger. Experts say

Ways to Save Energy & Money: Laundry Don't overload the washing machine. The spin cycle of the washing machine is very important, because it removes water that would otherwise have to be removed by the dryer. If the washer is overloaded, too much water will remain after the spin cycle.