How To Clean Your Washing Machine

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How to make a cleaner with vinegar yo clean your washing machine?

Jake says:

Is there a special recipe i can make using vinegar or something to clean my washing machine??

havoc says: A hot wash is a must. If you want to use vinegar you can, I cut up a couple of lemons in half and let them leave their perfume rather than vinegar. You need to put through a hot wash around every...

How to clean my front loading washing machine of mould?

Fiona says:

Hi - Can anyone clarify when using vinegar to clean a washing machine if this should go in the drum or in the drawer? The detergent drawer also has black gunk in it so if the vinegar goes in the drum, what's the best way to clean the drawer?...

eva j says: i love cleaning with vinagar!! i would suggest first using a bit of manual labour and cleaning as much 'gunk' out with warm water and a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid with maybe a bit if...

roommate woes and norse mythology woes

roommate woes and norse mythology woes 1. Ugh, I had a lovely weekend, and then I came home and my roommate was an asshole to me and now I can't get it out of my head. I waited for her to put her stuff in the machine, she did, turned the machine on, and then left. Before leaving she specifically asked if I could hang the laundry when it's.


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Legos in washing machines make random art

Lots of people are obsessed with Legos, but one man in particular is obsessed with Legos in washing machines and the shapes they form when tumbling: Ingo Althöfer is a professor of applied mathematics at Friedrich-Schiller University in Germany.

Coming clean about my laundry woes

When the washing machine repair person left, he said he’d have to order a new part and asked whether I’d be around next Tuesday to let him in. That’s one of my duties here in the in-law apartment of the house — when I’m around ...

Can you wash waterproof items in HE top-loading washing machines?

a Sears spokesman, said. In our tests the Kenmore 2800[2], $800 retail price, was impressive and fast, but relatively noisy and not so gentle, and that helped keep it off the recommended list. LG. The owner's manual for our top-rated LG WT1101CW ...

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Do you have stains in your washing machine? Here's what to do. Other People Are Reading How to Get the Smell Out of Washing Machines How to Clean a Smelly Washing ...

How to Clean a Smelly Washing Machine | eHow

A smelly washing machine can be caused by several unpleasant factors: trapped socks, lint buildup and bacteria. Front-loading machines seem to be more susceptible to ...

How to Clean Washing Machine? -

To clean a washing machine, use a spray on bleach product. Spray the inside of the washing machine and let it sit for a few minutes. This will kill any mold

How to Clean a Washing Machine | Household Appliances and Fixtures

Everything needs cleaning from time to time, even the machines we use to clean with! The washing machine can quickly build up dirt and grime, causing a foul

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The Best | Kick mildew out of your washer After a year or so of using my new Whirlpool washing machine, I began to notice that my washcloths and dishcloths had a mildew smell, but luckily not our clothes, although we did have spots on some clothes that we could not explain. I tried cleaning