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Learn how to remove and replace an evaporator pad from your furnace humidifier. Learn more with Acclaimed Furnace in Edmonton http://www.acclaimedfurnace.com.

Will a humidifier and a heater work the same while used together in the same room?

? says:

I need the humidifier to help me breathe correctly at night but my room gets really cold. Will both of these appliances used in the same room work just as effectively??

Deni says: I run a small Lasko humidifier http://www.trustedair.com/Humidifiers/Lasko-1115 in the winter time since the air does tend to get to dry when using heaters. It works very well for me. The water...

is a window ac more efficient than a poratble swamp cooler?

... says:

I live in the Central Valley Ca. Very Dry and HOT weather. My house does not have a ac system. I have window ac's and my roomate has 2 big portable evap coolers (swamp cooler). Which one would be more energy efficient?

Pichouette says: To claim something to be more energy efficient than another, that thing would have to do its purpose as well or better using less energy. Reticon (a Yahoo! Answers Asker) asked a question...


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Venta-Airwasher LW 44 Humidifier And Purifier Two-in-One Air Purifier

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Air King AK5500 NA Humidifier Indoor Air Quality

... Style Furnace Humidifier The Air King 15 Gallon Drum Style Furnace Mounted Humidifier creates a comfortable living environment. Our patented seamless polyurethane pad assures steady, even drum rotation and will never separate. The cabinet is constructed

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Evaporative humidifier pad - Columbus Industries, Inc.

A humidifier pad with multiple layers of slit and expanded paper laminated together. At least one, and in some preferred embodiments, up to half of the ...

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One type of evaporative humidifier makes use of just a reservoir and wick. ... The wick is typically a foam pad mounted on a drum and attached to a small motor; ...


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The evaporative pad humidifier features a replaceable pad filled with water. Water evaporates from the pad into room air.