Are Plug-In Air Fresheners Fire Risk?

A common household product one man says could hurt your family -- an air-freshener connected to a fatal fire. Friends of the man who died worry it could happ...

Are Glad plug-in air fresheners safe to use?

bluebaybear says:

Some time ago, we were told in an e-mail that these air fresheners were not safe to use because they could start a fire in your home. Last week, I read where this was not correct, and had been a hoax. Now, one of my friends says that she had been...

zeddreppelin says: I've heard that the models featuring a nightlight, the micro-fan and the extra electric socket are dangerous because they can generate enough heat to melt the plastic housing which in turn starts a...

Would it be safe to use a plug in air freshener or scented candles in a room that a bird isn't in?

undertheknife27 says:

Would it be safe to have a plug in air freshener or spraying fresheners in one room of the house and my pet birds in another bedroom? What about scented candles?

Tori says: Many people who keep birds have reported that candles made with vegetable waxes (NOT paraffin) and use 100% cotton wicks (no zinc or lead cores) can be used safely around their birds.

Glade Plug-Ins Air Fresheners a Fire Hazard? - Netlore Archive

The insurance investigator sifted through the ashes for several hours. He had the cause of the fire traced to the master bathroom. He asked my sister-in-law what she had plugged in in the bathroom. She listed the normal things. He kept saying to her, "No, this would be something that would disintegrate at high temperatures. " Then, my sister-in-law remembered she had.


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Are Plug-in Air Fresheners Safe? - Buzzle

Are Plug-in Air Fresheners Safe? Air freshener is an accessory that is found almost in all houses these days. But, is it safe to use a plug-in air freshener?

Are plug in air-fresheners safe to use during pregnancy? - Yahoo ...

Best Answer: I love those plug in and eyematic fresheners, and used them throughout my first pregnancy. They did my boys no harm as they were born healthy ...

Plug-in air fresheners - safe? - Pet Forums Community

Are plug-in air fresheners okay to have in a house with a cat? Enzo is a fairly snuffly cat, I'm wondering if it affects him at all.

Plug-in air fresheners - safe? - Page 2 - Pet Forums Community

Hi guys, I've been doing abit of research on air-fresheners and alot of them have Chemicals, however, i've came across a company that uses natural blends and not ...

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Plug 'em in: Let's make electrical outlets a little smarter They're commodities that, like so many other objects deserving of that title, are only remembered when they aren't around — otherwise they simply accept your laptop chargers and television cords and air fresheners before disappearing once again